Gene therapy

AAV vectors are the holy grail of gene therapy.  These viral tools introduce "payload genes" into different tissues often with great precision.  They do not cause disease and have a proven safety record in clinical trials. Thus, their use has the potential to provide safe and long-term relief for genetic and/or chronic diseases.

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Strong healthy muscle

AAVogen is developing a gene therapy for muscle wasting diseases, especially inclusion body myositis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and cancer cachexia. In pre-clinical studies, AVGN7 stabilizes muscle structure and increases muscle mass, strength and exercise capacity. It also prevents muscle wasting.

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Strong healthy hearts

Cardiac and skeletal muscle wasting go hand-in-hand.  Indeed, addressing cardiac and respiratory failure is key to preventing mortality in many muscle wasting diseases. In pre-clinical studies, AVGN7 corrects deficits in cardiac muscle structure and in addition, improves cardiac output during strenuous exercise.

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Since 1993

At AAVogen, it's personal

Our mission is to make you stronger. The company was founded by a family directly impacted by three muscle wasting diseases: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, cancer cachexia and COPD. Our fight is personal and our commitment to developing better and more effective therapies is undaunted.

AVGN7 prevents muscle wasting in different animal models and can restore muscle mass and strength even after wasting has already occurred. It works when injected directly into muscle or when administered systemically to all muscles.  It was also designed to avoid the potentially serious side-effects of other "myostatin attenuating" therapies.

AVGN7 for the durable maintenance of muscle mass and function.



Patient outreach

We understand the challenges of fighting a muscle wasting disease. We also understand the role education plays in empowering patients.

If you have questions about AAVogen or AVGN7, about gene therapy or even different muscle wasting diseases, please contact us. You can also learn more about investing and collaborating with AAVogen by visiting the link to the right.

Whether you're curious, scared or intrigued, we want to hear from you.