3.29.2016 - WSU Start-up Spotlight, AAVogen Inc.

WSU Economic Impact Report.  A new WSU spin-out company, AAVogen Inc., makes gene therapeutics for muscle wasting diseases.  The company originated from a collaboration between WSU's Director of the Washington Center for Muscle Biology and a collaborator at Australia's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute.

7.26.2016 - Discovery announcement of AVGN7

WSU News post.  Washington State University scientist Dr. Dan Rodgers and his collaborator Dr. Paul Gregorevic, of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute in Australia, discover a novel therapeutic that could potentially save millions of lives from muscle wasting disease.

12.3.2016 - AAVogen Founder receives $50K seed grant

Dr. Rodgers is awarded a $50,000 seed grant from the Washington Research Foundation and the Washington State University's Office of Commercialization.  The award will support on-going studies to determine the minimal effective dose of a novel gene therapeutic for muscle wasting diseases, AVGN7.

12.5.2016 - GeneFo Webinar on AVGN7

YouTube (length 48:48), AVGN7 - Breakthroughs in Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy and other Muscle Wasting Conditions.  Dr. Dan Rodgers, who recently co-authored a paper on Smad7 - a protein that can potentially help stop the the muscle-wasting process in Muscular Dystrophy and other muscle wasting conditions - discusses exciting developments stemming from this groundbreaking research.

9.1.2017 - AAVogen receives $2M grant from the National Institutes of Health

AAVogen received a $2,000,000 Small Business Initiated Research grant from the National Institutes of Health.  The grant title is AVGN7, a Novel Gene Therapeutic for Treating Cancer Cachexia and it will be funded by the National Cancer Institute under the R44 mechanism.  These "direct-to-Phase 2" awards (PAR-14-008) are given to companies who can demonstrate sufficient proof-of-concept data with high-risk feasibility projects that enable bypassing the R43 mechanism. The funds will support meetings with regulatory agencies, safety/toxicology studies and other preclinical studies in animals.

1.26.2018 - WSU press release

WSU Insider. WSU spin-out company, AAVogen Inc., lands $2 million grant. "WSU has patent filings in multiple countries and is working closely with AAVogen on this potentially paradigm-shifting technology,” said Christopher Keane, Vice President for Research at WSU.

2.2.2018 - Washington State Magazine

Gaining on Muscle Loss.  WSU Researcher Dr. Dan Rodgers takes his personal fight with muscle wasting disease public.  After loosing his father to cancer cachexia and learning that a family member was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Dr. Rodgers decides to leave academia and start a company that makes gene therapeutics for muscle wasting disease.

8.21.2018 - AAVogen Expands SAB & Clears Regulatory Hurdle

Two steps closer.  AAVogen welcomes it's newest member of the Science Advisory Board, Dr. Lawson Macartney, DVM/PhD.  It also holds pre/pre-IND discussions with FDA regulators and conducts a pre-IND meeting.